Offering Details

SPV Hair Road Farm, LLLP

Walla Walla County, Washington

CROPS / Winter Wheat Chem Fallow Rotation


TARGET IRR / 7.57%



OFFERING SIZE / $2,265,000

Fully Funded

Asset Summary


In May 2021, SPV Hair Road Farm, LLLP (“SPV Hair Road Farm” or the “Farm”) will acquire a high-quality agricultural asset consisting of 3,292.85 acres located in South-Central Washington just northwest of Prescott. The property includes approximately 2,806.93 tillable acres suitable for dryland row crop production. The Hair Road Farm was enrolled in a Conservation Reserve Program (“CRP”) through the Farm Service Agency in 2012. Enrollment is set to expire in 2022, at which time the Farm will be put back into production and produce dryland winter wheat in a summer chem fallow rotation.

Located in Walla Walla County, Washington, SPV Hair Road Farm is strategically positioned in the heart of the Pacific Northwest wheat country. The Walla Walla Valley has been a regional agricultural hub for more than a century. In 2019, the average yield of wheat across Washington State was 64 bushels an acre with 2.2 million total acres harvested, producing 142.7 million bushels. Washington State ranks fourth in the nation’s top wheat-producing states. The elevations across the Walla Walla Valley start at 400 and soar to 2,000+ feet above sea level. Similarly, annual rainfall figures triple from a sparse 7 inches at the western end of the valley to 22+ inches along the foothills of the Blue Mountains to the east. The soils of the Walla Walla Valley consist mostly of wind-deposited loess, which provides good drainage for row crops. The long growing season is characterized by hot days and cool nights. The area’s combination of elevation, precipitation, and well-drained, rich soils makes the Farm a prime location for a premier dryland wheat farm.

In 2021, farm improvements will include removing dilapidated buildings and restoring the current grain storage infrastructure. The SPV Hair Road Farm will be transitioned to tillable farmland through a ground preparation process that entails spraying and minimal tillage to prepare for planting, in 2022 after the expiration of the CRP contract, while improving soil health and stimulating growth. An experienced local operator has been identified to operate the farm beginning upon expiration of the CRP contract throughout the investment period. The Farm will be professionally managed by Peoples Company, a nationally recognized firm that offers land management, appraisal, brokerage, and investment services in 26 states across the country.



Investment Highlights

  • +The minimum purchase is 4 Limited Units, or a $20,000 minimum investment. Additional purchases can be made in 1 Limited Unit increments ($5,000 increments).
  • +10-year target hold period with stable annual cash flows and potential for material long-term appreciation.
  • +In 2021 and 2022, SPV Hair Road Farm, LLLP will receive an annual CRP payment of approximately $63,000 (prorated to the date of closing) and $162,000, respectively. An estimated $55,000 of 2022 CRP income will be used to prepare the Farm for production.
  • +For the remainder of the investment period, Limited Partners will receive annual rental income, based on $40 per acre for 2,806.93 tillable acres increasing to $46 per acre at the end of the initial six-year lease. Each year, SPV Hair Road Farm will have the potential to collect additional lease revenue based on farm performance. Annual rental income will be used to satisfy the Farm’s annual operating expenses.
  • +The property will be managed by Peoples Company, a partner of mAgma, LLC, for a flat annual land management fee equal to 5.0% of initial annual rental income.
  • +Any income not used to pay annual operating expenses will be held in SPV Hair Road Farm’s cash reserves until distributed to investors in an amount proportional to their interest in the Farm on an annual basis at the General Partner’s discretion. When the SPV Hair Road Farm asset is sold, net proceeds from the sale of the asset will also be distributed to investors on a pro rata basis.

Risk Factors + Disclosures

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