Offering Details

SPV Hot Lakes Organics, LLLP

Union County, Oregon

CROPS / Organic carrot seed, garlic, & row crops


TARGET IRR / 8.38%

OFFERING SIZE / $911,000


Fully Funded

Asset Summary

THE FARM IS irrigated AND ELIGIBLE TO GROW organically certified CROPS.

In May of 2021, SPV Hot Lakes Organics acquired the Farm via an off-market sale. The Farm consists of 200.05 acre m/l located in the heart of Oregon’s Grande Ronde Valley in the Columbia River Plateau. The Farm is approximately 3 miles northwest of Union, Oregon (population 2,180) on Miller Lane. Access to the Farm is provided by a field drive located in the southwest corner off Miller Lane, as well as an easement through the neighboring property adjacent on the north side of the Farm providing access to Highway 203.

The property includes 177.5 irrigated acres m/l suitable for crop production, with Catherine Silt Loam and La Grande Silty Clay Loam as the primary soil types. Of the tillable acres, 46 acres are currently certified organic, while the remaining acres are in the process of completing the three-year transition to organic production. The Farm possesses two surface water rights and one ground water right that provide an ample supply of water. The water rights provide for the irrigation of approximately 180.9 acres and a maximum annual use of 542.7 acre-feet. The surface water rights authorize diversion from Catherine Creek, which borders the east side of the property. The ground water right authorizes diversion from a well located in the center of the Farm with a depth of 430 feet. The well is rated for 900 GPM for a center pivot only, and 1,130 GPM for both a center pivot and wheel line irrigation. An eight-tower Reinke Electrogator pivot in the center of the property provides the primary irrigation source. Supplementary irrigation is provided by four wheel lines.

The Farm’s ample water and fertile soils are unique to the region, which features numerous hot springs and allows the Farm to grow high-value crops such as organic carrot seed, garlic, and red clover seed, as well as traditional row crops.

Located in Union County, Oregon, SPV Hot Lakes Organics is strategically positioned in the Grande Ronde Valley between two mountain ranges at an elevation of approximately 2,791 feet. The Farm receives an average of eighteen inches of rain per year. In Union County, approximately 44,279 acres are operated annually for row crop production, creating over $40,000,000 in annual market value through crop sales. As reported by the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service, the 2021 average cash rent in Union County was $215 per acre.



Investment Highlights

  • +177.5 tillable and fully irrigated acres
  • +Located in strong agricultural production region of Oregon
  • +Farm purchase price is below average market comps on a $ per tillable acre basis
  • +Managed by Peoples Company, a partner of mAgma and leading farmland manager
  • +Leased to a strong local farmer for production of organic carrot seed, garlic, and row crops
  • +Operated according to Leading Harvest sustainability standards
  • +Long-term low cost bank financing of $487,000 in place to increase investor returns
  • +Target average annual cash yield 3.27%

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